January 2018  
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Cookson, Oklahoma


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The rural area where Cookson Hills Center is located was a farming community consisting of impoverished Cherokee people. The Illinois River ran through the community and the people fished and farmed. The roads were dirt and buckboards were the means of transportation. There was no health care or emergency care nearby. In 1948 the women of the Northeast Conference wrote a proposal to put a small clinic in this community and assigned two nurses to be here. They were given a car so that emergencies could be transported to town 18 miles away. 

Since its inception, the Cookson Hills Center has been meeting the needs of the people of this tri-county area ever since. We address emerging needs and we have grown with the community. This tri-county area hosts three of the poorest counties in the State of Oklahoma. 

Major accomplishments include the introduction of several cottage industries to create employment, ministries in substance abuse, the addition of the day care, the continued assistance to seniors and children, youth programs, thrift store, food pantry, craft co-op, home repair, counseling, emergency assistance for housing, and special programs.


Mission Statement / Statement of Purpose

Cookson Hills Center United Methodist Mission: is to enhance the quality of life in our three rural communities through individual and family services, community programs and partnership with other organizations.

Contact Information  
Cookson Hills Center United Methodist Mission
PO Box 130
Cookson, Oklahoma 74427
Phone (918)457-5181
Fax 918-457-3356
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